How citizen-centric are your city’s digital services?

  • Angelos Balatsas-Lekkas
  • Katri Grenman

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    Media contributions

    • TitleHow citizen-centric are your city’s digital services?
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      DescriptionEven before the pandemic, public services at all government levels have been undergoing digital transformation. Alongside with benefits such as cost-reduction and the decrease in service time, service digitalization brings along new roles for governments: Instead of just providing services to citizens, national governments but also local authorities become key actors in the design of new digital services, the improvement of existing ones and the adoption of services by relevant social groups. Therefore, it is crucial to develop vantage points from which the needs and expectations of citizens can be continuously monitored and responded to.
      PersonsAngelos Balatsas-Lekkas, Katri Grenman


    • egovernance
    • digital services
    • user-centricity