Bioprocess engineering - Microbial cultivations from lab to pilot scale

Facility/equipment: Facility



Small-scale equipment:
• Several standalone bioreactors (2-40 L scale) and autoclavable bench-top bioreactors (500 mL to 5 L)
• ambr250 automated parallel bioreactors (24 x 250 mL)
• Gas fermenters, plant bioreactors with LED lights, system for electrobiosynthetic processes
• Online and offline measurements (such as HPLC, off-gas analysis, spectrophotometry)

Process upscaling:
• 1200 L, 300 L and 200 L (for pilot scale cultivations)
• Different types of feed and storage tanks, ranging from 5 to 500 L
• Downstream processing:
o Cell press, vacuum drum filter with 1kg/h capacity, centrifuge with up to 400 L/h capacity, high pressure homogenizer
o Ultrafiltration units for up-concentration of solutions (for different molecular weights from 1 to 1000 kDa)


  • bioprocess development
  • bioprocess engineering
  • scale-up
  • scale down
  • pilot fermentation
  • fermentation
  • microbial cultivation
  • downstream processing
  • bioreactors
  • gas fermentation
  • electrobiosynthesis


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