IntelligentEnergy testbed

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VTT IntelligentEnergy testbed is a national empirical research environment where new technical solutions and products for distributed energy systems can be tested in a multifunctional environment. 


The platform is flexible and can be adapted for various purposes: 

• Flexible grid enables a fast and easy realization of different hardware grid setups

• Safe environment for realizing different malfunctions and faults in the network 

• Wide range of protection functions available

• Fast and easy integration of equipment under test to control system 

• Power quality analysis at multiple measurement points

• Integrated DC grid interface with islanding mode


• Real-time simulator RTDS for PHIL and CHIL experiments with amplifiers for relay testing

• ABB SSC600 centralized protection for smart substations for IEC 61850 based protection and control development with GOOSE and SMV based measurements and controls

• Connection to 5G test networks for various testing purposes including the impact of low-quality wireless networks (latency and reliability) on protection and control of power systems

• Grid emulator (AC&DC) for establishing specific grid conditions, creating harmonics and faults

• Virtual connection to VTT Smart Grid lab in Oulu for flexibility testing

• Time synchronization connection to MIKES atomic clocks via a fiber connection


 Applications and activities:

• New technical solutions and products for distributed energy system can be tested in a multifunctional environment with isolated and controlled test networks

• Testing, development, and optimization of smart grid operation and control

• Virtual connectivity, ICT and DER interoperability

• IEC 61850 based protection and control solutions with GOOSE and SMV communication

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