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VTT’s MultiPower is a national empirical research environment where new technical solutions and products for distributed energy system can be tested in a multifunctional environment. There are several independent testing facilities connected together so that the environment may cover production, control and loading concepts as well as energy storages of different sizes and technologies. MultiPower laboratory facilities have a strong interconnection with fuel testing and development. Laboratory is equipped with local SCADA, enabling measurements and control.

MultiPower offers testing possibilities which cover development, operational acceptance and common tests for the DG products and systems. The platform is flexible and can be adapted for various purposes. The interconnections with customer-level smart grid, communications test networks and battery testing laboratory allow a wider range of testing possibilities including local microgrid systems, load control and use of energy storages as well as development of new control systems and user interfaces.


NameGrid Emulator
NameProtection and Control system


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