MultiPower Laboratory

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VTT’s MultiPower is a national empirical research environment where new technical solutions and products for distributed energy system can be tested in a multifunctional environment.

The platform is flexible and can be adapted for various purposes: 
•Flexible grid enables fast and easy realization of different hardware grid setups
•Safe environment for realizing different malfunctions and faults in the network •Wide range of protection functions available
•Fast and easy integration of equipment under test to control system- Power quality analysis at multiple measurement points

•Virtual connection to Smart Grid lab in Oulu•Connection to 5G test networks
•Time synchronization connection to MIKES atomic clocks

Typical testing assignments and possibilities consider:
•Protection solutions based on IEC 61850
•GOOSE & SMV based protection communication
•Test, develop and optimize smart grid operation and control•Virtual connections, ICT & DER interoperability
•Develop and test in isolated and controlled test networks


Power quality
Control systems