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Analytical method for determining the concentration of oxidized nanofibrillar cellulose in a sample: (patent application)

Mikkelson, A., Pere, J. & Laukkanen, A., Oct 2014, IPC No. G01N 33/34, Patent No. WO2014167189 A1, 11 Apr 2014, Priority date 12 Apr 2013, Priority No. FI20135361

Research output: PatentPatent application


Menetelmä ligniinin poistamiseksi lignoselluloosapitoisesta raaka-aineesta

Translated title of the contribution: Method of delignifying woodMikkelson, A., Maijala, J. & Hiltunen, J., 28 Sep 2012, IPC No. D21C 3/00, Patent No. FI122974 B, 28 Dec 2007, Priority date 28 Dec 2007, Priority No. FI20070005970

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