Caj Södergård

, Research Professor

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1983 …2020

Research output per year

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Research Output


Procedure for Controlling Printing Quality

Kuusisto, M., Launonen, R. & Soedergaard, C., 10 Nov 1994, IPC No. B41F33/00, Patent No. WO9425278 A1, Priority date 26 Apr 1993, Priority No. FI19930001876

Research output: PatentPatent application


IP multicast service without a return connection

Ollikainen, V. & Soedergaard, C., 17 Aug 2000, IPC No. H04N 7/ 16 A N, Patent No. WO0048361 A1, 15 Feb 2000, Priority date 15 Feb 1999, Priority No. FI19990000309

Research output: PatentPatent application


Method for detecting a code with the aid of a mobile station

Baeckstroem, C. & Soedergaard, C., 29 Dec 2005, IPC No. H04M 1/ 2755 A N, Patent No. WO05124657 A1, 17 Jun 2005, Priority date 18 Jun 2004, Priority No. FI20040000858

Research output: PatentPatent application


Method and server in a telecommunication system and a telecommunication system for facilitating weight control

Jaervinen, P., Jaervinen, T., Kuusi, J., Laehteenmaeki, L., Melin, M., Naekki, P., Ottelin, A-M., Poutanen, K., Suovirta, M., Soedergaard, C., Vainikainen, S., Vaeisaenen, P. & Toivainen, E., 5 Jun 2008, IPC No. G06Q 50/00, Patent No. WO08065255 A1, 29 Nov 2007, Priority date 29 Nov 2006, Priority No. FI20060005760

Research output: PatentPatent application


Method and apparatus for Improving Mobile Broadcast Quality

Ollikainen, V., Kortekangas, A., Soedergaard, C., Peng, C. Y. & Valli, S., 15 Jan 2009, IPC No. H04N19/895, Patent No. WO2009007508 A1, Priority date 9 Jul 2007, Priority No. FI20070000538

Research output: PatentPatent application


Method and arrangement for retrieving information related to a product

Hurme, E., Hyvaekkae, J. & Soedergaard, C., 7 Oct 2010, IPC No. G06Q 99/00, Patent No. WO2010112674 !, Priority date 3 Apr 2009, Priority No. FI20090005366

Research output: PatentPatent application


Context information exchange over a personal area network (patent application)

Ollikainen, V. & Södergård, C., 22 May 2014, IPC No. H04L29/08, H04W12/08, H04W4/00, Patent No. WO2016191132 A1, Priority date 22 May 2015, Priority No. US201562165773P

Research output: PatentPatent application

Open Access

System and method for use in a secure personal data marketplace (patent application)

Bäck, A., Kylänpää, M., Launonen, R., Mensonen, A., Ollikainen, V., Södergård, C. & Vainikainen, S., 30 Sep 2014, IPC No. G06Q30/02, G06Q30/06, Patent No. WO2016053718 A1, Priority date 30 Sep 2014, Priority No. US201462057513P

Research output: PatentPatent application

Open Access

Context module based personal data protection

Bäck, A., Kylänpää, M., Launonen, R., Ollikainen, V., Södergård, C. & Vainikainen, S., 25 Sep 2015, IPC No. G06F21/62, H04W48/04, H04L29/06, Patent No. WO17053437 A1, Priority date 25 Sep 2015, Priority No. US201562233066P

Research output: PatentPatent application

Open Access

Method for estimating resource costs of mobile usage (patent application)

Södergård, C., 25 Jun 2015, IPC No. G06Q10/06, Patent No. WO2016209738 A1, Priority date 25 Jun 2015, Priority No. US201562184761P

Research output: PatentPatent application

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