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FLIPT: Flow Induced Phase Transitions, a new low energy paradigm for polymer processing - EU/FET OPEN-RIA

Holland, C., Vollrath, F., Vosegaard, T., Koponen, A., Pereira , C. & Sommer, J.


Project: Research

N4S: Need for Speed

Kuusela, R. & Saari, L.


Project: Research

Innomitta II: Critical Competences for Value Creation in the Danish and Finnish Manufacturing: new ways to measure intangible capital

Naumanen, M., Lehtoranta, O., Simons, M., Bloch, C., Piekkola, H., Eklund, C. & Huovari, J.


Project: Research

CITYKEYS: Smart City performance measurement system

Airaksinen, M.


Project: Research

DIVA: Digitaaliset varaosat

Metsä-Kortelainen, S. & Salmi, M.


Project: Research

AHF: Active Harmonic Filter PSCAD Modeling

Divshali, P. H.


Project: Consultancy