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Analysing the drivers, barriers and readiness factors of EU companies for adopting advanced manufacturing products and technologies

Naumanen, M., Simons, M., Kroll, H., Copani, G., Van de Velde, E., Hovrat, D., Jäger, A., Wastyn, A. & PourAbdollahian, G.


Project: Consultancy

AHF: Active Harmonic Filter PSCAD Modeling

Divshali, P. H.


Project: Consultancy

Study to monitor the business and regulatory environment affecting the collaborative economy in the EU

Naumanen, M., Porsch, L., Rabuel, L., Juskevicius, R., Karanikolova, K. & Sørensen , S. Y.


Project: Consultancy

TekBaro: Technology Barometer 2019

Lehenkari, J., Naumanen, M., Oksanen, J., Loikkanen, T., Pellinen, P. & Naumanen, N.


Project: Consultancy

DataBio: Data-Driven Bioeconomy

Södergård, C.


Project: Research

FLIPT: Flow Induced Phase Transitions, a new low energy paradigm for polymer processing - EU/FET OPEN-RIA

Holland, C., Vollrath, F., Vosegaard, T., Koponen, A., Pereira , C. & Sommer, J.


Project: Research

VAMOS!: Value Added Mobility Service - VAMOS!

Kostiainen, J., Kinnunen, T. K., Pihlajamaa, O., Hautala, R., Eckhardt, J., Lahti, J. & Heino, I.


Project: Research

Innomitta II: Critical Competences for Value Creation in the Danish and Finnish Manufacturing: new ways to measure intangible capital

Naumanen, M., Lehtoranta, O., Simons, M., Bloch, C., Piekkola, H., Eklund, C. & Huovari, J.


Project: Research

S4FLEET: Service Solutions for Fleet Management

Kortelainen, H. & Töytäri, P.


Project: Research

RAID: Radical and Incremental Innovation in Industrial Renewal

Suominen, A. & Toivanen, H.


Project: Research

ProForm: Forerunner concepts of service business

Wallin, A., Lappalainen, I., Kallio, K. & Koivumäki, T.


Project: Research