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AHF: Active Harmonic Filter PSCAD Modeling

Divshali, P. H.


Project: Consultancy

TekBaro: Technology Barometer 2019

Lehenkari, J., Naumanen, M., Oksanen, J., Loikkanen, T., Pellinen, P. & Naumanen, N.


Project: Consultancy

VAMOS!: Value Added Mobility Service - VAMOS!

Kostiainen, J., Kinnunen, T. K., Pihlajamaa, O., Hautala, R., Eckhardt, J., Lahti, J. & Heino, I.


Project: Research

PROGRESS: Provisions for Greater Reuse of Steel Structures

Hradil, P., Dehan, V., Kamrath, P., Kuhnhenne, M., Kesti, J., Dubina, D. & Sansom, M.


Project: Research

Study to monitor the business and regulatory environment affecting the collaborative economy in the EU

Naumanen, M., Porsch, L., Rabuel, L., Juskevicius, R., Karanikolova, K. & Sørensen , S. Y.


Project: Consultancy

DataBio: Data-Driven Bioeconomy

Södergård, C.


Project: Research

FLUVAL: Dynamic simulation of CSP fluids

Mäki, E., Lappalainen, J. T. J. & Sihvonen, T.


Project: Research

FLIPT: Flow Induced Phase Transitions, a new low energy paradigm for polymer processing - EU/FET OPEN-RIA

Holland, C., Vollrath, F., Vosegaard, T., Koponen, A., Pereira , C. & Sommer, J.


Project: Research