A Digital value chain Integration Traceability framework for process industries for Circularity and low Emissions by waste reduction and use of secondary raw materials

Project: EU project

Project Details


DigInTraCE aims at the development of i)transparent and interoperableDecentralised Traceability platform using novel tracking, sensing and sorting techniques ii)Dynamically updated DPPschemes supporting certification and quality validation iii)AI based and decision making mechanisms for process and lifecycle optimisation iv)up-cycling, reuse and upgrade technologies for improved secondary raw materials use v)contribute to standardization, open and easy accessible data vi)business models creating new economic opportunities and learning resources for employees, promoting new digital skills and meeting regional social needs. The solutions are demonstrated in the sectors of a) Pulp & Paper focused in 2 cases: composite wood and furniture; and wood and Pulp & Paper and b) Chemicals focused in 2 cases: plastic parts from ICT equipment and automotive market; and polymers and textiles: in 4 countries, while composite wood case combines both the 2 main sectors.
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/26

Collaborative partners

  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Center for Research Resources and Energy Consumption (Circe)
  • Sioen Industries NV
  • Centexbel
  • Chimar Hellas S.A.
  • European Plastics Converters (EuPC)
  • National Technical University of Athens
  • Tecnalia Research & Innovation (TRI)
  • Agroinvest S.A.
  • Menexes S.A.
  • Astigarraga Kit Line S.L.
  • Hypertech AE
  • University of L'Aquila
  • Tecnalia R&I Certificacion S.L.
  • Keen Software SL
  • Brunel University London
  • Dansk Standard (DS)
  • Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) (lead)
  • Merit Consulting House P.C.
  • DGS S.p.A.
  • SIGIT S.p.A.
  • IRIS Technology Solutions S.L.

Funding category

  • Horizon Europe


  • composites
  • polymer sciences
  • textiles
  • business models
  • forestry