Additive Manufacturing Hubs for Radical Innovation in Digital Part Delivery Logistics

Project: Business Finland project

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In AMHUB, the digital spare parts business concept based on additive and distributed manufacturing will be radically reformed. In AMHUB concept, manufacturing of digital spare parts will be done in global network of AM hubs, which are operated by third parties and co-located in major logistics hubs such as international airports. Hub selection is done dynamically based on product requirements, capacity/availability and delivery/logistics requirements. The main outcome of the AMHUB Co-Creation project is to form a strong consurtium and to prepare a Co-Innovation project proposal with relevant research partners and companies covering the whole AMHUB value chain. There will be partners from many fields of operations such as OEMs, AM & other manufacturing service providers, supply chain/logistics companies and order-delivery platform actors. The ultimate goal of the AMHUB Co-Innovation project is to pilot the AMHUB concept.
Effective start/end date1/01/2230/06/22

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  • Sustainable Manufacturing Finland


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