Artificial Intelligence for Twinning the Diversity, Productivity and Spectral Signature of Forests

Project: Academy of Finland project

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The overall objective of ARTISDIG is to pioneer the science behind a digital twin of the Earth’s forests, capturing their diversity, growth and productivity. New scientific results would enable to integrate forest biodiversity in the Digital Twin Earth, which is being implemented via the Destination Earth (DestinE) initiative as a part of the European Green Deal. ARTISDIG will develop novel methods to quantify and monitor boreal forests’ structural and spectral variation by applying AI-based algorithms to interpret satellite data. The ground-breaking idea is to combine physical and AI models, which has been identified as a significant scientific challenge in the forthcoming years. Our interdisciplinary consortium brings together experts of digital twins and remote sensing (VTT), forest sciences and statistical analyses (Natural Resource Institute Finland), and artificial intelligence and vegetation spectroscopy (Aalto university).
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/24

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