Autonomous Sensing using Satellites, Multicopters, Sensors and Actuators

Project: Business Finland project

Project Details


MULTICO project produces an ecosystem for real-time monitoring and situational awareness in collaboration between Aalto University, VTT and several Finnish companies. The system utilizes sensor systesm, which are added to small satellites, multicopters (drones) or deployed by multicopters. The ecosystem provides new markets for the Finnish communication systems industry, strengthens the Finnish space industry and creates new business for the industry that utilises GIS materials.

MULTICO project produces a high-end-ecosystem, which provides clear competition for the participants in the international markets by fulfilling high criteria regarding information security, system reliability and performance. In the scientific perspective, MULTICO strengthens such knowledge and expertise, which is needed in this industrial area in Finland.

MULTICO ecosystem is mainly intended for civilian markets, but it is feasibly also for security use. Possible application areas include big industrial and logistic areas, urban environment, weather monitoring and forecasting, rescue operations, energy systems maintenance support, areal monitoring for agriculture and forestry, police and frontier guard operations and military use.

Project length is two years and it is managed by Aalto University.
Effective start/end date1/04/2030/10/22

Collaborative partners


  • New Space Economy
  • sensors
  • drones
  • multicopters
  • satellites
  • real-time monitoring