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The project aims to develop low-resistivity through-silicon-via technology (TSV) using low processing temperature (200...400°C). Compatible with the TSVs, an advanced seal ring metallization utilizing low-temperature Cu-Cu thermocompression bonding is developed for achieving vacuum packaging of components in wafer level (wafer level packaging, WLP).

Utilizing the innovative results in TSV and WLP technologies as well as the to-be-developed approach for using multiscale modeling for the development of next-generation low-loss silicon substrates allows the consortium to realize novel RF components. Further, the advances in the projet create a foundation for the development of novel packaging for resonant sensors, especially inertial sensors. Other targeted commercial applications include graphene-based image sensors.

Overall, this activity enables the companies to improve their current, and develop new, offering of products and services. Particularly important is to transfer the technologies to 200-mm wafer fabrication, compatible with a majority of high-volume electronic component manufacturing lines. This will improve the competitivines of VTT among the research service providers world-wide. Also, when the transfer of the developed technology to mass manufacturing is ensured, the participating companies, and others later on, have a path towards high-volume production of their devices.
Effective start/end date1/06/2131/05/24

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