Circular economy of water in industrial processes

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Industry is paving its way to sustainability, which involves carbon neutrality and resource efficiency. In addition, industrial emissions face more stringent regulations concerning especially water intensive industries, such as pulp and paper industry. To respond to these ascending challenges in water intensive industries, water management and circularity play a crucial role and consequently this "Circular Economy of WAter industrial processes", CEIWA project, focuses on industrial water. CEIWA develops solutions for digitalization, technology development, management of different pollutants, and legislative aspects to enhance circular economy of industrial waters. In addition to providing solutions to water intensive industries, the project also serves technology and service providers. This project supports various industries to obtain circular economy of waters as core business. As a part of the project modelling methods that utilize results from AI models to improve chemistry models of industrial acqueous processes will be developed and new dynamic time dependent unit operation models will be created. These tools enable e.g. solving challenges for industrial processes related to closing water circulations and increased use of biofuels, and make modelling methods of computational equilibrium chemistry more applicable for developing digital twins.
Effective start/end date1/04/211/10/23

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