Climate smart food and nutrition research infrastructure

Project: Academy of Finland project

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FOODNUTRI will contribute to achieving the global strategic aims included in EU’s FOOD 2030 policy and reflected in the Finnish government’s vision (Ruoka 2030): "In 2030, Finnish consumers eat tasty, healthy and safe Finnish food that has been produced sustainably and ethically. The consumers have the ability and the possibility to make conscious choices." FOODNUTRI will combine research expertise and facilities from the key Finnish organizations to form an internationally recognized top-level RI. FOODNUTRI responds to critical challenges by upgrading domestic raw materials for production of foods and food ingredients and by exploiting innovative food processing and packaging technologies and providing know-how on food characteristics, physiological responses to food, and on consumer acceptance. The services are targeted for research communities and individual researchers, food business operators, authorities, municipalities, and for other interested stakeholders.
Effective start/end date1/07/2030/11/21

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  • FIRI 2020