Co-Create Change in Research Funding and Performing

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Co-Change strengthens transformative capacity and leadership for RRI through an innovative systemic approach, centred on the concept of change labs, building on years of solid experience. The project activates change coalitions around each lab, paying particular attention to interactions and dependencies of actors in each R&I ecosystem, since research performing (RPOs) and research funding (RFOs) organisations co-evolve in and with the R&I ecosystems they are embedded in. This embeddedness forms the social and institutional context, which either supports or slows down changes in the system. By implementing change labs in their ecosystems, we generate transformative capacity for institutional change in terms of practices, procedures, rules and norms at the individual, organisational and system levels.Co-Change supports the implementation of institutional changes of R&I actors within and beyond the key areas of RRI. Our consortium members of RPOs and RFOs across Europe act as change agents. We set out to establish change labs as instruments for promoting and sustaining institutional change within our own organisations and reach out to actors in our innovation ecosystems. As well as co-creating RRI practices in our own organisations, we also do so in organisations that have signalled their interest. Since these include partners from research performing, financing and governance institutions, we can build change coalitions at national and EU scale. The outcomes of all change labs will be analysed to produce a toolbox and field book for RRI related institutional changes which will be broadly disseminated by committed multipliers. To widen our impact, we publish a call for innovative RRI practices, inviting more European organizations to Co-Change activities. Our project also features a sounding board with experienced RRI project coordinators, helping communicate with other projects in the field, and an advisory board with quadruple helix partners for further reach.
Effective start/end date1/02/2031/01/23

Collaborative partners

  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) (lead)
  • Council of Tampere Region
  • ESSRG Kft.
  • Tecnalia Research & Innovation (TRI)
  • Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
  • University of Novi Sad
  • Vienna Science and Technology Fund

Funding category

  • EU-H2020


  • H2020-SwafS-2019-1
  • New participatory democracy models