Company Resilience in the Era of Globalization

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The COVID-19 crisis revealed the dependence of companies on global value chains. Production disruptions in value chains forced companies to adapt to a completely new situation. Factories in Finland also had to be temporarily closed. The new research project, which will be launched in Etla in autumn, studies the renewal of companies during and after the COVID-19 crisis and their resilience toward shocks and what impacts the shocks has on companies. The aim of the research project is to support decision-makers and generate policy implications on how resilience could be improved. Etla is implementing the project together with VTT.

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed vulnerabilities that have not been previously identified or at least not responded to. One such challenge is the extreme dependence on global value chains. During COVID-19 pandemic, companies have had to adapt to a completely new situation. In Finland, factories also had to close temporarily due to difficulties in purchasing components around the world.

The new research project “Company Resilience in the Era of Globalization (CRIEG)”, which will start in Etla in autumn 2021, studies the renewal of companies during and after the COVID-19 shock. Furthermore, the project analyzes the long-term impacts of shocks on companies and find instruments and policies to improve companies’ resilience. Etla is implementing this project in cooperation with VTT.

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ETLA:n ja VTT:n projektissa keskitytään yritysten resilienssiin eli selviytymiskykyyn koskien ulkoisia shokkeja. Tutkimushanke koostuu seuraavista osista: Ensiksi miten yritykset ovat uudistuneet koronakriisissä, toiseksi mikä on ollut arvoketjujen rooli koronakriisissä ja kolmanneksi mikä on politiikkatoimien vaikutus yritysten resilienssiin.
Effective start/end date1/11/211/11/24

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