Critical Competences for Value Creation in the Danish and Finnish Manufacturing: new ways to measure intangible capital

  • Naumanen, Mika (Manager)
  • Lehtoranta, Olavi (Participant)
  • Simons, Magnus (Participant)
  • Bloch, Carter (Participant)
  • Piekkola, Hannu (Participant)
  • Eklund, Carita (Participant)
  • Huovari, Janne (Participant)

    Project: Business Finland project

    Project Details


    We examine how broad-based innovation activity should be understood in business management and provide examples of some technological and non-technological innovation activities and their competence requirements. All these are studied in the context of industrial renewal in Denmark and Finland. We compare Denmark and Finland in terms of their economic structures and research and innovation policies. The role of different strategies, digital technologies and intangible capital in responding to globalization and other grand challenges, and their competence requirements are approached via statistical analysis, company interviews and case studies conducted in both of these countries.

    Layman's description

    Tutkimme, kuinka laajapohjainen innovaatiotoiminta linkittyy osaksi liikkeenjohtoa, ja tarjoamme esimerkkejä teknologisista ja ei-teknologisista innovaatiotoiminnoista ja niiden osaamisvaatimuksista. Kaikkia näitä tutkitaan Suomen ja Tanskan teollisuuden uudistamiseen liittyen.
    AcronymInnomitta II
    Effective start/end date1/01/1531/07/17