Critical Technologies Towards 5G

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    The purpose of the programme is to develop solutions that will enable an increase in telecommunications volume by a factor of 1 000 over the next ten years. This is a major challenge because of increasing energy consumption and the finite nature of the frequency spectrum. Moreover, society is becoming increasingly dependent on wireless mobile communications systems.

    Key findings

    Example top achievements in the programme are as follows:
    –The World's first spectrum sharing trial based on licenced shared access (LSA) concept with 4G/LTE in April 2013. For many more results on this topic by the CORE+ project, please visit
    –Millimeter wave technologies for high data rates and wireless backhauling in 5G. The technologies have been used in practical demonstrations.
    –First 5G test network in Finland obtaining extensive publicity in media (
    –See more results from the programme results report.
    Effective start/end date1/01/11 → …


    • VTT Innovation Programme