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There is a need to integrate sustainability in the core functions of the manufacturing companies and as an integral part of operational excellence and the product and service offering. DataAsset co-innovation project aims to make sustainability a crucial part of operational excellence and data supported service business in manufacturing. DataAsset project has been prepared in close collaboration of research institutes and industrial partners, sharing a joint research agenda.

The DataAsset project aims to make sustainability a crucial part of operational excellence and data-supported service business in manufacturing. By introducing novel approaches and tools for addressing sustainability in the design, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, and end-of-life decisions, a significant positive effect on the carbon footprint can be achieved.

The immediate business impacts of the project for industrial project partners are based on the R&D work carried out with other company partners, service providers and research organizations. Development is carried out at technology, process and business levels and latest information from these will be used to systematically identify new business opportunities related to sustainability and data assets.

The long-term business impacts of the project include expansions to new market areas, introduction of new services in the partners' porfolios and expansion of the customer base. The project will identify potential companies to create new business ecosystems which will be used on the novel solutions created during the project and the partners' existing value chains.
Effective start/end date1/06/2131/05/23

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  • Sustainable Manufacturing Finland


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