DEMO Divertor Remote Handling - Annual Work Programme

Project: EU project

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The DEMOnstration power plant, DEMO, is research on the transition from ITER to DEMO. Driving fusion to go from a science-driven, lab-based exercise to an industry-driven and technology-driven programme.

Layman's description

The engineering research activity is a balanced programme of integration, design, technology development, and verification, all aimed at reducing the principle plant level risks (unmaintainable plant architecture, poor maintenance performance, incorrect design choices, licencing issues, availability, and economics) before they become real issues during a more expensive engineering and constructions phases.
Short titleDEMOnstration Fusion Power Station remote maintenance design research
AcronymAWP 2018 - 2020
Effective start/end date1/06/1630/03/21

Collaborative partners


  • Robotics
  • remote maintenance
  • digitalization
  • fusion
  • nuclear power plant