Digitalisation in the development of the food chain (Digitalisaatio ruokaketjun kehittämisessä)

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Food sector is a significant industry in Finland that also has a substantial impact on logistics and catering sectors. Digitalization is a growing trend in the food sector. Besides technology, digitalization is about information and data, its acquisition and ownership, and adaptation to progress by people and organizations. The project examines technological development related to digitalization and clarifies it with concrete examples, including a pilot of future shopping. The pilot utilizes personal profiles and has been developed in tandem with the project. It is still difficult to anticipate the novel businesses enabled by digitalization. They could emerge from open source pilots or they could represent completely new specialized industries and form new business ecosystems. We utilize case scenarios to reflect the future prospects of the multifaceted food chain and the needs for changes in the operational environment.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/05/17

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