Ellen MacArthur Foundation's award in the Circular Materials Challenge 2018 competition

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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation awarded VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland for a packaging solution made of cellulose in Davos on 23 January 2018. VTT was one of the five prize winners, between whom the foundation splits a one-million-dollar prize in equal shares. The new material can extend the shelf life of food, while also reducing food waste and the worldwide microplastics problem.

VTT developed a 100 % biobased lightweight packaging material by combining cellulose films with different, but complementary properties. The flexible and transparent lightweight material protects the product from atmospheric gases and humidity. It also forms a barrier against the grease or mineral oil in the product. The package can be sealed by heating. The plastic-like packaging material is suitable for dry and greasy products, such as nuts, cereals, coffee, condiments and raisins. The greatest benefits can be reached when the material is used for packaging products with a long shelf life.
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