Enabling demand response through easy to use open source approach

Project: Academy of Finland project

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De-carbonizing energy system is the main avenue to mitigate climate change. This project attempts to enable large scale flexibility of electricity consumption at the residential scale, which in turn will allow more variable power generation, such as wind power and photovoltaics, to be cost effectively integrated in the energy system. The project will use existing low cost components combined with open source software, since cost has so far been a major barrier for successful residential demand response. We are also taking behavioral barriers very seriously and designing the system from the user perspective advised by lessons from research. However, under the hood, the control system will use state-of-the-art stochastic energy weather forecasts, energy system optimization and control systems. While the system is tested in the Finnish context, it will be generic and allows customization for other regions and purposes.
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/24

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