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The concept of Metaverse has grown in popularity and it is expected to offer extensive new business opportunity for the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry. Metaverse integrates seamlessly virtual and physical living spaces by enabling control of physical space resources from virtual space, utilization of virtual space resources from physical space and sharing of the same experiences through virtual and physical participation. General goal of EMETA (Enabling Metaverse) project is to improve understanding about practical metaverse ICT requirements, develop SG Evolution/Advanced based communication and computing, real-time multiuser 3D Digital Twin. AR/VR/XR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/extended Reality) and blockchain technologies and solutions for Metaverse key features as well as implement test environment and PoC's (Proof-of-Concept) for smart building use cases. PoC's will demonstrate control and utilization of smart building resources and facilities and enables collaboration between users and environments both in physical and virtual spaces.

The project starts with specification of Metaverse key features and use cases following the collection and analysis of ICT requirements. System architecture is based on identified features and requirements analysis and includes description of key functional units and main interfaces between them. Then the project work will focus on R&D related to key technologies and building blocks of Metaverse and specified use cases. Finally, test environments will be integrated and PoC for each use case will be implemented and tested. Project execution is based on iterative approach. VTT is focusing on communication and computing infrastructure R&D, experimentation work and project management.
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/25

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