Engineering Design and Manufacturing Digital Thread, Integrating Requirements Management and PLM Process

Project: Finnish government project

Project Details


The purpose of this research project is to digitise the engineering design and manufacturing process (EDM) completely, integrating the requirement management process (Front-end) into the mainstream of the engineering design definition. Thereby making the process, short, circular and iterative, and transforming the project life-cycle management process. A solution is by first transforming the front-end from the verbal and textual language environment into a graphical and analytical language environment. Therefore, modelling the design process as comprising only graphical and analytical languages.
Second, the digital technology method – the digital thread is applied to the model, creating a circular and iterative process; linking with manufacturing, and bringing digital twin as part of the EDM process.

Layman's description

The purpose of this project is to motivate Digital Twin (DT) / Digital Thread (DTh) concepts from the conceptual design phase in engineering design and manufacturing (EDM) and to promote as a starting point and as an integral part of Product life cycle Management (PLM).

Key findings

Enabling digital/virtual twin concept in requirements management
Creating a EDM digital thread for data management
Creating a new product lifecycle management approach
Creating a new method for customer participation and collaboration in EDM
Creating a new model for next generation digital processes
Short titleExcellence - EDM Digital Threads
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19


  • Digital thread
  • digital twin
  • PLM
  • engineering design
  • manufacturing