Enzyme-mediated attachment and detachment of multifunctional and biobased coating aided by digital material design

Project: Academy of Finland project

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ENZYFUNC project will focus on developing sustainable and scalable surface functionalization methods for cellulosic surfaces by enzymatic means. The aim is to gain superhydrophobicity, UV-resistance and antimicrobial activity on surfaces. Enzymes will be used for covalent attachment of fatty acid molecules and natural wax and lignin particles onto surfaces to improve the durability of coatings. The coatings can later on be removed selectively by enzymes, which in turn improves the recyclability of the materials. Our approach will combine enzymatic methods with computational modelling and environmental impact estimation that will result in biobased hydrophobic coatings that are durable, but easy to remove, and a coating technology that will increase the use of cellulose in textiles and packaging.
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/24

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