Ethical AI for the Governance of the Society

Project: Academy of Finland project

Project Details


ETAIROS focuses on studying and co-developing together with stakeholders practical governance approaches, as well as design and technology solutions that help public, private and civil society actors enhance the ethical sustainability of operations in the use of AI. The project is funded by Strategic Research Council at the Academy of Finland.

Key findings

ETAIROS will advance knowledge on relevant use contexts and specific challenges and opportunities of AI, develop ethical design and assessment frameworks and tools, and elaborate general governance principles and practices.
For public authorities and private sector, the project produces suggestions and practices for the use, design and governance of AI from the perspective of sustainable, transparent, and inclusive societal development.
From the perspective of citizens and civil society, the project increases transparency of the use of AI, general understanding of ethically acceptable AI systems and possibilities for informed public debate and influence.
Effective start/end date1/06/1931/08/25

Collaborative partners

  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Tampere University (Project partner) (lead)
  • University of Helsinki (Project partner)
  • University of Jyväskylä (Project partner)
  • University of Turku (Project partner)


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Ethics
  • Governance
  • Responsibility
  • Design


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