European Research Infrastructure supporting Smart Grid and Smart Energy Systems Research, Technology Development, Validation and Roll Out - Second Edition

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    Based on the results from the ERIGrid-1 project, the successor project ERIGrid 2.0 will expand the research services and tools of research infrastructures for validating smart energy networks with the electric power grid as the main backbone. Committed to the holistic and cyber-physical systems-based validation approach, ERIGrid 2.0 will foster system-level support and education for industrial and academic researchers in power and energy systems research and technology development.
    AcronymERIGrid 2.0
    Effective start/end date1/04/2030/09/24


    • H2020-EU.
    • D-NA4.1 Functional Scenarios: WP5 Deliverable D5.1: D-NA4.1 Functional Scenarios

      Raussi, P., Mäki, K., Evens, C., Grönroos, E., Andrén, F. P., Widl, E., Calin, M., Strasser, T. I., Rikos, E., Heussen, K., Gehrke, O., Jensen, T. V., Nguyen, H. T., van der Meer, A., Subramaniam Rajkumar, V., Khavari, A., Anastasakis, K., Kontou, A., Orue, I., Taxt, H. & 8 others, D'Acro, S., Rodriguez Seco, J. E., Merino, J., Felipe Cortes, A., Efthymiou, V., Venizelou, V., Kynigos, M. & Theocharides, S., 30 Sep 2020, 96 p.

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