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The excellence in Pandemic Response and Enterprise Solutions - E3 project aims to create a new global business, named Indoor Health Safety, by exploring the spread and countermeasures of epidemic diseases in indoor environments and, by using this knowledge, developing concepts and integrated solutions increasing the safety of people in indoor environments. In this context, indoor environments include buildings and their immediate proximity as well as vehicle interiors, e.g. passenger compartments. In addition, the project addresses short transitions between indoor environments and interaction between occupants and indoor environments.

The project provides several short and long-term benefits for the companies, research partners, customers, and end-users. For companies, the project will develop holistic multi-level, scientifically validated global business concepts and solutions for monitoring and mastering epidemic and pandemic diseases in several cases in different kinds of indoor environments and beyond.

A Significant group of research institutes and companies are involved in the project: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT), Tampere University (TAU), Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), Finnish Institute for health and welfare (THL), Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (TTL), University of Helsinki (UH), AFRY Group Finland Oy, Rapal Oy, HUS, Halton Oy, Lifa-Air Oy, Inspector Sec Oy, Filterpak Oy, Rune & Berg Design Oy, Roche Diagnostics Oy, AW2 Architects Oy, Lumikko Oy, Biomensio Oy, Smartwatcher Oy, Ramboll Finland Oy, KONE Oyj, Royal Caribbean Group, Cleamix Oy, Alme Solutions Oy, Air0 Oy, Olfactomics.
Effective start/end date1/07/2130/04/24


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