Extreme Weather impacts on European Networks of Transport

  • Molarius, Riitta (Participant)
  • Keränen, Jaana (Participant)
  • Leviäkangas, Pekka (Participant)
  • Rönty, Jussi (Participant)
  • Oiva, Kalle (Participant)
  • Hietajärvi, Anna-Maija (Participant)
  • Nokkala, Marko (Participant)
  • Könönen, Ville (Participant)

Project: EU project

Project Details


The project addresses the EU policies and strategies on climate change with particular focus on extreme weather impacts on EU transportation system. The goal of EWENT is to estimate and monetise the disruptive effects of extreme weather events on the operation and performance of the EU transportation system. The methodological approach is based on generic risk management framework that follows a standardised process starting from the identification of hazardous extreme weather phenomena, followed by impact assessment and concluded by mitigation and risk control measures. In detail, the project will: - Identify and define the hazards on EU transportation systems caused by extreme weather phenomena and develop relevant scenarios. - Estimate the probabilities of harmful scenarios caused by extreme weather - Estimate the consequences of extreme weather events based on developed scenarios - first on EU transport infrastructure, then on operations and finally on supply chains and mobility. - Monetise the harmful consequences per transport mode both on infrastructure and operations (including mobility and supply chain impacts). - Evaluate measures and options for negative impact reduction, control and monitoring in short and long-term.
Effective start/end date1/12/0931/12/12