Finnish Centre of Excellence in Atomic Layer Deposition

Project: Academy of Finland project

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Research of the CoE focuses on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) which is one of the key methods among thin film technologies. The CoE groups are worldwide known and recognized actors in ALD. Research of the CoE in ALD is focused on four areas:

1. ALD precursors and processes
2. Micro- and nanostructures
3. Materials for electronics
4. Materials for energy technologies

The precursor and process development is focused on materials which are needed in electronics and energy technologies. As examples chalcogenide materials for phase change memories, III-V semiconductors, lithium compounds for thin film Li-ion batteries and new materials for all solid state 3D solar cells, can be mentioned. Fabrication of 3D micro- and nanostructures, needed in applications, will also be studied. 3D devices (MEMS, NEMS) have important applications for example in sensors.
Effective start/end date1/01/1231/12/17

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