Foreign Individual Travelers' hospitality and Mobility Ecosystem

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FIT ME! Foreign Individual Travelers' hospitality and Mobility Ecosystem project portfolio aims to bring together an ecosystem of transboundary tourism mobility across regional, sectoral and administrative boundaries. The aim is to enable and promote the exploitation of the huge market potential associated with sustainable tourism mobility. FIT ME! project aspires to enhance accessibility and service level of especially rural, sparsely populated areas and peripheral travel destinations by means of digitalisation.

By co-developing tourism mobility services, the benefits of hundreds of millions of euros can be achieved in foreign tourism to Finland. At the same time, domestic travellers and local inhabitants gain benefits. In addition, well-productized and proven mobility services also promote exports outside the tourism industry, for example by giving birth to a new cross-sectoral digital services. The companies involved in FIT ME! aim for significant growth in export operations through the FIT ME! project.

FIT ME! Co-Innovation project is implemented by several companies: Beyond Arctic, Bout, Kovakoodarit, Matkahuolto, PayiQ and Sitowise, and research organisations University of Lapland and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (project coordinator). Central stakeholders are Business Finland, Visit Finland, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, Ministry of Transport and Communications, ELY Centres, Metsähallitus, Archipelago area (Turku, Naantali, Parainen, Kemiönsaari), Nuuksio and sea location of Uusimaa (Espoo), Kuusamo area (Naturpolis), Fell Lapland Development (Muonio and Enontekiö) and ITS Finland. Above-mentioned tourism areas participate in co-creation of service pilots. Stakeholder network will be expanded during development of the ecosystem.
AcronymFIT ME!
Effective start/end date1/06/2131/08/23

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