Forest Industry Carbon dioxide Utilization for Materials and Plastics

Project: Business Finland project

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Many traditional industries are facing a great transformation. They are required to cut rapidly GHG emissions of their operations. This is not only valid for the industries emitting fossil CO2 but also e.g. forest industry emitting mainly biogenic CO2. Simultaneously, changing behaviour of consumers challenge forest industry to renew and circulation of forest biomass carbon should be improved. Carbon dioxide captured and utilized from the emissions of forest industry would reduce GHG emissions of this industry, improve circulation of forest biomass carbon and create new business opportunities for the industry. Barrier materials used in packaging haven been identified as potential products to be manufactured from pulp mills CO2. A concept for the production of polyolefins (polyethylene, polypropylene) will be investigated in the project. In this concept, feedstock for polyolefin production will be manufactured in a two-step process (reverse water-gas shit reaction, FT synthesis) from CO2 captured from pulp mill emissions and clean hydrogen. Our aim is that stakeholders throughout the value chain would participate in the Co-innovation project. Main objective of the Co-creation project is to contact appropriate stakeholders, commit them to join Co-innovation project and involve them to collaboration and plan the project scope. In addition to scientific objectives, main targets of Co-innovation project are to enable further technology development and to create significant export potential for Finland.
AcronymForest CUMP
Effective start/end date1/10/2131/12/24


  • Bio&Circular Finland