GEMINI For Zero Emission

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In Europe, electricity represents only ¼ of CO2 emissions. Therefore, the European decarbonisation objectives cannot be met without addressing the other sources of emissions as well, mainly industry and transport. Presently, these two sectors are almost entirely dependent on fossil fuels, which, in addition, raises major challenges for European competitiveness and energy security, especially now, with the steep increase of oil and gas prices. The GEMINI+ project has already shown that High Temperature Reactor systems can provide a competitive and safe solution for the CO2 free cogeneration of the process heat and electricity needed by industry. Many industrial processes require not only heat (e.g. in the form of steam) but also large amounts of hydrogen or other energy products. Consequently, this new proposal intends to show that the GEMINI+ system can, beyond CO2 free process heat, provide a global solution for competitive and safe decarbonisation of industrial activities. It shall confirm that this new form of poly-generation of various energy products has no negative effect on the safety of the combined plant. To clear the way towards safety demonstration and subsequent deployment of this solution, the proposed project will: • Consolidate the GEMINI+ system safety demonstration and have its licensing readiness assessed by regulators and TSOs including when used in poly-generation mode, • Develop the capability of the GEMINI+ system to operate in a cost-effective way in poly-generation mode, • Plan for the development of a European consistent fuel cycle for this type of reactor with respect to fissile resources and to a safe and acceptable back-end, • Launch an ambitious communication plan towards political and industry stakeholders, as well as towards the public, aimed at removing obstacles to nuclear solutions for decarbonisation of industry.
AcronymGEMINI 4.0
Effective start/end date1/06/2231/05/25

Collaborative partners

  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN)
  • TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH
  • Synthos Green Energy S.A.
  • Instytut Chemii i Techniki Jądrowej (INCT)
  • Électricité de France S.A. (EDF)
  • Framatome GmbH
  • Hit Tech Relay
  • Research Centre Řež
  • National Nuclear Laboratory
  • National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ)
  • LGI Consulting
  • Tractebel Engie
  • Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation Europe
  • Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG)
  • BriVaTech Consulting
  • University of Bristol
  • Japan Atomic Energy Agency
  • Framatome SAS (lead)
  • Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
  • Joint Research Centre (JRC), Brussels

Funding category

  • Horizon Europe


  • HORIZON-EURATOM-2021-NRT-01-05