High-Speed Electromechanical Energy Conversion Systems

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The world is being electrified at unparalleled pace, from transportation to industrial processes and complete energy systems. As a result, there is an incomparable need for energy, material and cost-efficient electrical machines, drives and powertrains. The Academy of Finland’s Centre of Excellence in High-Speed Electromechanical Energy Conversion Systems (HiECSs) brings together the key Finnish academic experts on the electrical machines, drives, mechanical transmission and related system analysis, with the aim to elevate the modelling and analysis capabilities and methodologies eventually leading to the emergence of highly sustainable solutions and products necessary for a cleaner future. Our approach is to capitalize on the high-frequency solutions currently not fully explored. The consortium leader and members are internationally recognized with proven track records and excellent networks providing the perfect framework for the renewal of science and technology.
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/24

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