Human-technology interoperability and artificial emotional intelligence

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HIPE (Human-technology interoperability and artificial emotional intelligence) project aims to enhance the capability of the digital systems and services in physical spaces to understand and react to the human behaviour and emotional state. This will improve the competitiviness of the company partners in the global markets and contribute to research advances in HIPE domains.

Our feelings are important to what is an optimal service for us, right now - yet current technologies cannot read and interpret emotions, and the services cannot adapt. In HIPE, we want to provide means for creating emotionally aware, intelligent, and integrated services that can respond to the demand and expectations of their users.

HIPE is a co-innovation project with six companies (Helvar, ISKU, Teleste, Framery, Ambientia and Mall of Tripla), University of Lapland and VTT. Our company partners provide solutions for physical spaces in different application domains. They all see that the novel sensing capabilities and artificial emotional intelligence-based solutions for behaviour analysis and situational awareness have potential to enable totally new services, for both the space operators and the users. Responsive spaces and data-driven services able to to respond in real-time to the changes in human behaviour and environment would open new business models as well as improve competitiviness and revenue.

For such services, the whole pipeline from data to actionable information and actions must be streamlined and modular, which requires research on technologies, analytics methods and service and business model design. The concepts must be tested and optimized in real-life as well as integrated to existing systems. In parallel to the technological development, HIPE will digest and conclude existing regulative information and future trends to help the company partners and their customers to plan and operate in a sustainable, legal and ethical manner in the context of their services.
Effective start/end date1/05/2230/04/25

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