IEA AMF Annex 57: Heavy-Duty Vehicle Performance Evaluation - Finnish subproject

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Project Details


The project “HDV Performance Evaluation” within IEA Advanced Motor Fuels Technology Collaboration Programme was set up to provide a snapshot of the performance of contemporary heavy-duty vehicles as well as to make projections of possible developments towards 2030.

The activities within the project combined chassis dynamometer measurements, on-road measurements, on-road continuous NOx monitoring and simulations. Projections of conventional and alternative powertrains potential in respects to CO2 emissions and energy consumption towards 2030 were carried out in cooperation with the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology Collaboration Programme.

All in all, the partners of the project tested 17 medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Vehicle testing was carried out in Canada, Chile, Finland and Sweden. Simulations were done in Finland and Korea, and in addition, within the Advanced Motor fuels and Hybrid and Electric Vehicle cooperation.

Study covers all the new ICE powertrain technologies available at the moment: diesel powertrains, spark-ignited methane powertrains, ED95 compression ignition powertrain and HPDI dual-fuel methane-diesel powertrain.

In Finland, the simulation task focused on evaluation of HCT vehicle conbinations with different GVW and axle configurations.
Effective start/end date1/11/1827/08/21

Collaborative partners


  • Heavy-duty vehicles
  • High-capacity transport
  • Spark-ignited methane
  • ED95
  • Dual-fuel
  • Diesel
  • on-road
  • PEMS
  • chassis dynamometer
  • Simulation
  • Well-to-Wheel
  • Well-to-Tank