Image-based Modelling of Water Transport In Wood including material biodegradation

Project: Academy of Finland project

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The main aim of the WaterInWood project is to develop a comprehensive multi-phase model for transient moisture transport in wood and modified wood, even when biodegradation is present. This goal is reached by combining image-based measurements with a numerical multi-phase model for moisture transport in wood below and above the fibre saturation point. The model is based on a multi-phase formulation and many of its parameters are determined using novel nuclear magnetic resonance, and time-resolved computed tomography techniques applied in multiple length scales. The project includes collaboration with high-level national and international research groups on topics such as multi-phase modelling, experimental research on moisture transport in wood, and advanced NMR and CT techniques. The results will allow to develop safer and more durable wood products as well as better technologies to protect wood against variable climates, in particular considering the effects of the climate change.
Effective start/end date1/09/2231/08/25

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