Implementation of Nord Pool Post-Processing Module 2

Project: Consultancy

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Since 2014, the majority of the day-ahead energy markets in Europe have been coupled into an integrated market that enables efficient cross-border trading between energy producers and consumers. The coupled market equilibrium solution is computed at an aggregated level, and needs adjustments to provide day-ahead market results (e.g. hourly purchase/sale quantities) for individual market participants. Within Nord Pool markets, these adjustments are determined by a computational software module implemented by VTT. The software enables reliable day-ahead market operation on a tight schedule every day of the year.
The goal of the Post-Processing Module 2 project was to integrate the post-processing software implemented by VTT in a new software service architecture developed by Nord Pool. This required replacing all the external interfaces of the post-processing software, which had been implemented to be compatible with an older market system, with a modern REST (Representational state transfer) interface. The original optimisation model implementation by VTT was reused essentially without changes. A major part of the project was testing and validation in collaboration with the customer, to make sure the software would operate reliably in all market conditions.
Effective start/end date13/02/178/12/17


  • energy market
  • software development
  • optimisation