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The INFLAME project consists of modelling and experiments current and advanced nuclear fuel, both in normal operation and accident conditions. The main part of the project focuses on nuclear fuel modelling, as data from integral experiments is obtained from international research programmes. The fuel behaviour module FINIX will be developed further in the project, validated and application range broadened. On the experimental side, advanced claddings will be investigated on their mechanical and oxidation behaviour. As a first step in Finland, experimental studies on the behaviour fuel pellets in in-reactor conditions will be performed with simulant materials. The project consists of three work packages: Integral fuel behaviour (FINIX development, RIA modelling, review of advanced and accident tolerant fuels), experimental studies on advanced cladding materials (mechanical properties, hot loop experiments, steam furnace oxidation testing) and experimental studies on fuel pellet materials (construction of equipment and microscopy). As nuclear fuel provides the first safety barriers against the spread of fission products, the understanding of its behaviour is important for nuclear safety. The applicability of FINIX in LOCA conditions will be improved and codes used for safety analysis of Finnish reactors will be validated further as well as models developed for these codes. New information on the performance of advanced claddings will be obtained and experimental capability on fuel pellet studies at VTT will be increased.
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