Joint European Canadian Chinese development of Small Modular Reactor Technology

  • Toivonen, Aki (Manager)
  • Penttilä, Sami (Manager)
  • Peltonen, Seppo (Participant)
  • Lukin, Johanna (Participant)
  • Lydman, Jari (Participant)
  • Väisänen, Pasi (Participant)
  • Arilahti, Esko (Participant)
  • Jäppinen, Essi (Participant)

Project: EU project

Project Details


The ECC-SMART is oriented towards assessing the feasibility and identification of safety features of an intrinsically and passively safe small modular reactor cooled by supercritical water (SCW-SMR), taking into account specific knowledge gaps related to the future licensing process and implementation of this technology. The main objectives of the project are to define the design requirements for the future SCW-SMR technology, to develop the pre-licensing study and guidelines for the demonstration of the safety in the further development stages of the SCW-SMR concept including the methodologies and tools to be used and to identify the key obstacles for the future SMR licencing and propose strategy for this process. To reach these objectives, specific technical knowledge gaps were defined and will be assessed to achieve the future smooth licensing and implementation of the SCW-SMR technology (especially behaviour of materials in the SCW environment and irradiation, validation of the codes and design of the reactor core will be developed, evaluated by simulations and experimentally validated). The ECC-SMART project consortium is consisted of EU, Canadian and Chinese partners to use the trans-continental synergy and knowledge developed separately by each partner. The project consortium and project scope were created according the joint research activities under the International Atomic Energy Agency, Generation-IV International Forum umbrella and as many data as possible will be taken from the already performed projects. This project brings together the best scientific teams working in the field of SCWR using the best facilities and methods worldwide, to fulfil the common vision of building a SCW-SMR in the near future.
Effective start/end date1/09/2031/08/24

Collaborative partners

  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (Project partner)
  • Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC) (Project partner)
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Project partner)
  • University of Sheffield (Project partner)
  • Jožef Stefan Institute (Project partner)
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Project partner)
  • Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) (Project partner)
  • Research Centre Řež (Project partner) (lead)
  • IPP Centre LLC (Project partner)
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Project partner)
  • Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT) (Project partner)
  • University of Science and Technology Beijing (Project partner)
  • University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (Project partner)
  • University of Pisa (UNIPI) (Project partner)
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) (Project partner)
  • European Nuclear Education Network (Project partner)
  • University of Nottingham (Project partner)
  • Joint Research Centre (JRC), Brussels (Project partner)

Funding category

  • EU-H2020


  • NFRP-2019-2020
  • Nuclear related engineering