Jules Horowitz Operation Plan 2040

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Material Testing Reactors have been for many decades key research tools for fuel and material behaviour studies under neutron flux supporting nuclear industries, research institutes and regulators. Whatever the progress in simulation, MTRs will remain a necessity for the qualification of new fuels and materials under irradiation notably in support to safety demonstration. Currently, in response to this need, the Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR) is under construction. The JHOP2040 proposal presents a Coordination and Support Action aiming to 1) bring together with the JHR consortium of key actors, all relevant European nuclear research associations and member states that are not represented in the JHR consortium and 2) to produce strategic research roadmaps for the operation of the JHR. These roadmaps will cover both the first 4-year programme period and the following 11 years of operation. The outcome of JHOP2040 will be financial and programme model for Euratom taking into account also the governance and cost breakdown of the programmes. JHOP2040 will strengthen and widen the JHR research network by bringing together relevant stakeholders and interest groups to identify and review their current and future needs for fuel, material and technology issues within and outside of the current JHR consortium. Extensive utilization of the JHR via Euratom access rights and full use of the planned JHR capacity by promoting and enhancing the collaboration between potential users is the ultimate goal. The main advantage of this proposal is that all European partners of the JHR consortium are behind the proposal and several EU member states outside the JHR consortium and European institutions have expressed already their interest in being involved in the roadmap work. Important part of the proposal will be the communication with EU member states via JRC. JHOP2040 will have a close connection to the NFRP-08 CSA in this same call.
Effective start/end date1/09/2028/02/23


  • H2020
  • NFRP-2019-2020
  • Nuclear related engineering


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