Kvanttilaskennan tulevaisuuden kestävien markkinoiden rakentumisen ehdot - hyödyntäjäyritysten tarpeet, esteet, ajurit ja uskomukset

Project: Business Finland project

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The goal of the FutureQ research project is to increase understanding of the effects of quantum computing on the business environment of companies and the shaping of the market, especially the opportunities related to the promotion of carbon neutrality. The project anticipates possible new business models and value networks. The project supports Finland's efforts to gain a significant competitive advantage through quantum computing and helps ensure that technology and development investments turn into a business. The project is carried out in close cooperation with companies and operators in the early adopters of quantum computing, as well as with entities that develop services related to quantum computing. The research focuses in particular on the three pioneer sectors in the introduction of quantum computing, which are the financial sector, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and logistics. As a result of the project, a new understanding of the differences between the sectors in terms of needs, obstacles, drivers and beliefs related to the application of quantum computing, the possibilities of sustainable business and possible changes in value chains and new business models will emerge.
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/24


  • Quantum Computing