Lean Re-Manufacturing - circular manufacturing transition for companies

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The circular approach, via remanufacturing, can transform the impact of the manufacturing sector. Its adoption can have a transformative impact on helping manufacturing meet its sustainability objectives. This project is focused on the development of training content on lean remanufacturing with the objective of helping to minimize waste and improve productivity.

The course content will include the development of practical examples of the use of key supporting technologies, within an advanced manufacturing environment. The program will be delivered initially to students and once refined to industry participants. The objective being to deliver a minimum of 16 workshops in 4 countries to a minimum of 160 industry trainees.

This workshop based course is aimed at manufacturing professionals and brings ‘Lean’ together with ‘Remanufacturing’ for the first time in the World. We will be ahead of the pack in this innovative ‘Industry 4.0+’ course.

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Training concept for lean remanufacturing for manufacturing companies.
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/23

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  • EIT Manufacturing