Lignin First Concept for High Value Applications

Project: Business Finland project

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The LF4Value project is based on the Lignin First philosophy, which aims at valorising lignin as the primary component of biomass, contrary to the traditional processes that yield lignin as side stream component. This way, lignin is available for applications in its native form, which allows significantly wider possibilities both in respect to the depolymerisation routes and when aiming at material applications that are based on thermoplastic lignin.

The approach in LF4Value is to control the reactivity of lignin in biomass during thermal and catalytic treatments (hydrothermal treatment, fast pyrolysis) and prevent unwanted reactions, such as lignin condensation. The reactivity of lignin is directed towards preferred reaction routes using supplementary chemicals. Novel catalysts will be developed from mineral slag waste materials, as well as biochar.

Composites, resins and fuels will be the targeted end products from the lignin in this project.
Effective start/end date1/09/1731/08/20

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