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Me, My Health & My Food (MeHeFo) is a joint effort of VTT, University of Turku and Finnish companies. The aim is to develop personalized and targeted food and eating solutions by combining and analyzing individual's data from various sources. The idea behind the project is that one size, meaning general dietary advice, does not fit for all and motivate everyone towards healthy eating habits. Instead, personalized dietary advice has shown to be effective in changing dietary behavior. Changes in diet-related behavior are urgently needed to support wellbeing and prevent diseases. Currently, there are no wholesome solutions available that combine and analyze individual level data and provide personalized food and eating solutions based on the analysis.

MeHeFo public research project will build up a proof-of-concept data platform that harmonizes, integrates, and analyzes diverse data sources to support the development and delivery of personalized food and eating solution with support of expert work and consumer research inputs. Personalized and targeted food and eating solutions will be demonstrated with various use-cases. New service offerings for international health and wellness markets will be developed.

MeHeFo consortium pursues economic growth by combining and analyzing multi-source data on the individual and by developing personalized and targeted food and eating solutions with high consumer interest and business potential. This requires contributions from various research and business sectors: consumer, nutrition, and food research, data platforms and analytics, sensor and wearable technology. AI, retail, functional food ingredients, and smart food production. Harnessing these expertise areas, we will build an ecosystem around personalized food and eating. Such ecosystem has a revolutionary potential to rebuild the food and eating solutions market and create internationally blooming businesses.
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/23

Collaborative partners


  • Smart Life Finland