MEDical Integrated Photonic Ultrasound Transducers

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The multi-sensing 'Medical Integrated Photonic Ultrasound Transducer' (MED-IPUT) project will develop a high-resolution, high-quality, recyclable medical imaging system based on a disruptive integrated photonic ultrasound transducer concept. We envisioned a 100x increase in sensitivity compared to conventional US. The IPUT-based sensing system, combines optical waveguides and micromechanical membranes with two optical read-out techniques (RR and MZI) to at least two US applications; medical ultrasound (US) and photoacoustics (PA). We will solve technical challenges such as increasing sensitivity, mass parallelization by optical multiplexing and hybrid integration of microelectronics in PIC, tuneable waveguides, fiber chip coupling manufacturability and packaging. These advances will lead to a higher production yield and increased insight in the processing solutions of hybrid integrated photonics. The IPUTs are based on easily accessible materials, don’t require lead to improve the performance and laser power can be reduced significantly. We will iteratively develop an effective SOI and SiN manufacturing process to realize very sensitive IPUT sensors and integrate them into US transducer arrays for medical imaging and PA for validation and demonstration on phantoms instead of tissue. The partners have the in-house capability to develop, manufacture, integrate and package the novel IPUT-based sensing systems into transducers, covering the full manufacturing value chain. The increase in sensitivity will enable: 1. An increase of the US image by a factor 2. 2. An increase of the penetration depth by a factor 2. 3. A 100x reduction of the peak pressures. 4. A 100x reduction of the required laser power for PA resulting in the use of low-cost lasers. MED-IPUT reinforces European industrial leadership in high-performance multi-sensing system development and manufacturing, particularly in the healthcare sector.
Effective start/end date1/01/2330/06/26

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  • Horizon Europe


  • manufacturing engineering
  • fibers
  • diagnostic imaging
  • laser physics
  • ultrasound