Microplastics and pharmaceuticals filtration with multifunctional lignocellulosic membranes by additive manufacturing

Project: Academy of Finland project

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Persistent and harmful emerging micropollutants, such as pharmaceutical residues, and nano/microplastics raise cause for global concern. FilterCel develops novel bio-based membrane matrices for tailored affinity for microplastics and pharmaceutical targets selectively utilizing cellulosic (nano)materials. Understanding of mechanisms of interfacial phenomena by surface analytical methods is integrated to the principles of material science and membrane separation technology to develop sustainable architectures for tailored affinity between persistent microplastics and pharmaceuticals selectively beyond the capabilities of conventional filtration applications. Additionally, developed surface modifications for tailored affinity are combined with optimized membrane structures while promoting resource efficiency and structural complexity by exploring additive manufacturing as an enabling technology for membrane preparation.
Effective start/end date1/09/2131/08/24